You just never know…

The third week of January has one of the most recognized RV Supershows in the country.  Just so happens it is right in our own backyard at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.  This year would be our second year attending the January show along with many other RV shows.  The first year at the Tampa Supershow, we were focused on toy-haulers allowing for the transport of our motorcycle.  Through much deliberations, it was decided that less was more.  More living space in the coach was more important to us as full-timers. The process of finding the Make and Model that would meet our needs included research online, talking with RV owners, visiting RV shows and dealers, reading, reading and more reading!  With our condo under a solid contract, we were off to the Tampa Supershow to check out several vendors on our list.  Buying new or even buying at all was not what we had in mind, nevertheless we were interested in looking at several of our favorites.  We wanted to review the rig’s options and floor-plan layouts which often remain the same throughout the years.  Midday we arrived at the DRV dealer area, disappointed that the coach with the floor plan we wanted to look at was sold and locked at the request of the new owner.  Here is where divine intervention was at work. 😊  We flagged a salesperson down, He was obliging enough to let us (and only us) step into the rig to look around.  Through all of our searching we kept coming back to this coach and this floor plan.  Once in and looking around we commented to the salesperson that we were not interested in buying new, but were looking for this exact same model in an older year.  He said, “Well interesting enough, we have a beautiful 2014 DRV Mobile Suites 38TKSB3 with lots of upgrades that just came in. It was an owner that he knew personally, and three times this week the unit was sold, but the financing fell through.  Excited, we left the RV show and turns out it was a beautiful coach AND with most of the upgrades we could ever imagine!  People say that when you sit in the coach it will feel like home.  Guess what, it’s home!

DRV Mobile Suites

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