“Simplify” Simple right?…

We had already downsized from living in two single dwelling homes to condominium living, a good first step!  Selling our condo with the furniture included, was another great step in the process.

Since wmotorcyclee decided not to buy a toy hauler, Bruce sold his motorcycle. He had a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic for 11 years and it was not easy just letting it go and watching someone else drive off.  Sometimes as you go through different stages of life, your interests change. We found we were not riding as much and we just enjoyed other things more. The other part is, the dangers on the road these days, especially in Florida, has increased dramatically!

The two kayaks were sold in hopes of eventually purchasing a Sea Eagle blow-up tandem kayak. Robin quickly realized the 15 very large photo albums of family and friends, spanning 35 years, would not fit in our RV!  She began digitizing all the photos to hard drives which she gave to her children.  We did the piles, Trash, Thrift Store, Sell and Keep.  We certainly struggled parting with our stuff! DSC_0110 Robin’s meltdown day came when she was sorting through a multitude of flower vases and came across the old green Musselman’s glass applesauce jar.  One might say either Trash or Thrift Store pile.  With much anguish, it found its place in the Thrift Store pile, only to be snatched back again after the tears.  Her father brought flowers (wild sweet pea flowers to be exact) to her in that little old jar many years ago.  Everyone has that “stuff” that we just can’t part with, collections, tools, grandmother’s dishes, handmade items.  Simplify, sometimes isn’t so simple!


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