Home is where you park it…

Now that the condo was sold, it opened a bunch of questions like “Where in the world are we going to call home until retirement Spring of 2018?” and “What are we going to pull this thing with?” The dealership where we bought our RV were gracious enough to allow us to keep the RV there while they fixed a few items, and until we sorted a few things out.  We need to find someplace close to Bruce’s work.  Our new home was bought in Zephyrhills, Florida, which is 120 miles from Fort Myers.  Oh yeah, how do we get it to the RV park since we don’t have a tow vehicle!  Buying a truck will have to happen a little later.

Where to live was first on the agenda because we needed to vacate the condo by the end of March.  A list was made of various RV parks we wanted to check out for the day.  Some were good and some not so good.  Our final stop of the day was at a newer resort called Cypress Trail RV Resort in Fort Myers.  At the front desk was a friendly “workamper.”  We were familiar with that term and struck up a conversation.  Interestingly enough, they needed a full-time office assistant.  Immediately we connected with the person in charge of the workampers.  In a few short weeks the rig was delivered, Robin was hired, and we were setting up roots in our new home.

Keep in mind, this all took place in a time span of 6 weeks.  Each piece fell into place perfectly!  God’s timing is always “right on time”! He is always faithful, and as His plan for our lives continues to unfold, we are graciously amazed.

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