Truck Found! Or as they say in RV lingo, Tow Vehicle… Guess Where?

2013 GMC 3500HD DRW Duramax Diesel, Allison Transmission, Crew Cab, Long Bed, only 21,000 miles, one owner. Clean Carfax! The price is right! Where the heck is Delaware, Ohio? Google maps says, “30 miles North of Columbus, Ohio”. Ok, I know where that is, it’s a long way from Fort Myers, FL. Actually 1165 miles away! Only 17-hour drive, non-stop.

Here is my other concern. I wanted to trade in my car in the process. It’s a 2007 Toyota Highlander with 230,000 miles on it! Runs great commuting back and forth to work 20 miles a day, but that is a lot different than a constant 17-hour haul. Oh well, here goes nothing.

I left at 2:30 A.M. Thursday morning and hit the road in my Toyota. The plan was, timing my trip around Atlanta. I do not like driving or flying there. It is one of the biggest airline hubs and interstate intersections in the country, and it is a mess.  I figured that would get me through Atlanta a little past noon. I like it when a plan comes together. Just glad I wasn’t traveling South on I-75, it was backed up for miles. You just never know. I pulled into Delaware, Ohio around 11:30 P.M. and got a room at the local Hampton Inn.

Up Friday morning, not too early, knowing I had a long trip back to Florida. The folks at Chesrown Chevrolet were great! I looked it over good, took it for a test drive while they looked over my car for trade value. We struck a deal and we had ourselves a tow vehicle!

The ride home started off rocky because my GPS was telling me on the route I was taking there was an accident and it wanted to re-route me. I was a little unsure since I did not know that area, but decided what the heck, anything to save some time. I knew I had a very long drive ahead of me, and didn’t want it to be any longer. That turned out to be a bad idea. It diverted me so far East, before I knew it I was not heading down I-75 but East on I-70. I was just driving along, trying to learn all these new buttons and gadgets, and saying to myself, “Wow this truck rides nice and I’m not towing anything”. The next thing I saw were signs for West Virginia, and I know I didn’t come up through that way. I pulled over and checked things out and I knew I was not getting back over to I-75 now. How I missed I-77 I do not know other than more accidents due to the bad weather, but that stupid GPS took me all the way to I-79. I finally got over to I-77 South heading towards Charlotte, NC when this warning came on under the speedometer. It said “Exhaust Fluid 989 miles till empty”. What the heck is that, and why didn’t the dealer fill that during the 300 point, pre-certified inspection I received? It’s been 25 years since I had a diesel vehicle and that was a Chevy 6.2L Blazer, a long time ago. I tried calling the dealer but no answer. I called the salesman’s cell, (prior to purchasing he said call anytime) well I guess that didn’t mean after purchase. He texted me back after not answering and said he was busy. I called my son Josh, since I knew he had a fairly new Ford F-250 diesel. He tells me all about the new diesels and the Blue DEF. On my next fuel stop I pulled into a Pilot station and sure enough there it is inside near the antifreeze. It had a nice spout which is good since GMC has their DEF fill port in the worse place possible. It is under the hood, left front corner almost to the windshield. Why in the world they cannot place it by the fuel fill cap where the other OEM’s place them is beyond me.

I made it to Savannah, GA around 1 A.M. and had to pull into a rest area and take a nap. I slept for a few hours and then was back on the road. I finally pulled into the driveway to show Robin our new truck at 11:30 A.M. Saturday morning. Wow, what a trip! It was worth it!

Tow Vehicle





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