How much time during a life span does the average person spend waiting?  One of the statistics googled said we spend five years waiting in lines and queues.  Roughly six months of that is waiting in traffic!  Perhaps for RVers’ that statistic may be higher!  Some things we wait for as a child may be summertime and Christmas, as adults we wait for vacations and retirement!  Waiting involves both positives and negatives in life.  We have been blessed to spend this last year waiting and working at Cypress Trail RV Resort.    A beautiful resort in Southwest Florida where we have had the pleasure of getting to know a great group of owners and lifelong friends.  In addition, workamping has given us the opportunity to meet wonderful friends from all over the country.  Check out Workamper News for more information.  Next week we begin a new chapter in our life we have been waiting for RETIREMENT (sort of, we will continue workamping).  This past year while waiting, we have been preparing for a life on the road.  Saying “See you later” to friends and family is never easy, but with cell phones, texting, Facebook and Face-timing we can stay in touch and wait until we meet again.  The average of five years waiting leaves time for life to happen, what are you waiting for?

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