Practice, Practice, Practice…

As most of you know, we are fairly new at this RV thing and especially moving from one place to another.  Before leaving Florida, someone wise said to us “You’ll be nervous when you first start out, but after a few days you will settle in to the open road.”  We are thankful for the safe travels thus far, with the exception of a few minor bumps, scrapes, and mud to the RV.  Most of which we attributed to the learning process, issues with bed rail clearance, and sprinter (spring not letting go of winter).  The last week and a half we have been visiting with family in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  The campgrounds have been adequate.  For the last year, we were spoiled at Cypress Trail RV Resort.  Now we are adapting to no sewer hookups at times, running on 30-amp electric service, mud, gravel and lots of trees to maneuver around.  The moving around has given us practice, practice, practice!  We are more conscientious of trees, big rocks, turns, signs and uneven campsites.  If possible, we check out the area before attempting to take the rig in, and even then, we “crawl”.  In Pennsylvania we stayed at the Madison KOA and Sills Campground.  Trap Pond State Park was a pretty setting in Delaware.

One of our learning experiences happened after leaving Delaware, about one mile before going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  A sound was coming from the driver side rear of the RV.  Looking into the side mirror it became apparent something was flopping near the driver side coach rear fender.  Fortunately, the road was wide enough that we could pull over right away.  We discovered the forward left side RV tire started to shred apart but never lost air pressure. A testament to the highly talked about Goodyear G114 H-rated tires.   First time for everything, changing a tire on an RV.

Five brand new Goodyear tires were already ordered and waiting for us at Elkhart, Indiana, since we knew they were near end of life, and now we just needed to limp along with no spare.  An overnighter at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio was planned on the way to Elkhart, Indiana, but because of our delay it was very dark when we arrived. The next morning when we could actually see, it looked like a very nice State Park.  Next stop Elkhart, Indiana, can’t come too soon!  Be sure to check out the RV Parks tab which has the link to Campgrounds and State Parks that have our stamp of approval.  Thanks for following along with us!

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