Cha-ching, Cha-ching $$$

Thanks to the maps from our good friends Bill and Linda, we arrived Wednesday, April 11th at MORryde, Elkhart, Indiana without any incidents.  There were three main reasons for coming to MORryde: 1. Increase bed rail clearance between the RV and truck bed rails; 2. Repack the greased bearings, alignment check, brake, independent suspension and pin box inspections 3. All new tires mounted, balanced and installed on the RV including the spare.

In the parking lot Gary Wheeler greeted us and immediately jockeyed a rig around so we would have a place to park with electric for the night.  Rob Kolean went over the work to begin bright and early at 6:00 a.m.  Measurements forward and aft of the frame were taken to see if the RV was being towed level and the rig at that point was level.  The big issue remains having only 2 ½” bed rail clearance resulting in problems as in the picture from our rig.

Broken molding from insufficient bed rail clearance

Rob recommended and went along with us to Dans Service Center to look at raising our existing hitch.  Unfortunately, the hitch could not be raised to give us bed rail clearance.  A new hitch would have to be installed.  The new hitch will be 5 inches higher so now the RV would have to be raised three inches above the axles to continue to tow level.  This was precisely why we came to MoRryde to resolve these issues.  Ryan and Nate from Dans Service Center were extremely helpful and informative, even offering us a car to use while they worked on our truck installing the new hitch.  IMG_6067

That gave us the opportunity to take a tour of the DRV plant in Howe, Indiana the next day.   A small group of people took a two-hour tour to see the assembling of a DRV from start to finish. One couple in our group actually got to see the DRV they purchased being assembled!

The tour was very informative and again reaffirmed some of the reasons why we love our DRV.  Only 10-12 DRV’s are manufactured a week.

Next was a stop at Lambright Comfort Chairs in Topeka, just outside of Shipshewana Indiana, to check out their quality furniture perfect for an RV.  And of course, we worked up an appetite to sample and purchase goodies at the Rise n Roll Bakery and Deli, known for their doughnuts!  Our hearts (and stomachs) will always love the Dutch country.  While living in Florida for five years, we found a little niche of our hometown Pennsylvania Dutch cooking at Yoders and Der Dutchman in Sarasota FL.  To our surprise for dinner, is a sister restaurant Das Dutchman in Middlebury, Indiana which is owned by the same people.  At this restaurant there is also a quaint village with a bakery, gift shop and much more.

We cannot express our gratitude enough to Rob and Gary at MORryde, Ryan and Nate at Dan’s Service Center and the countless gracious people we met in Indiana.  Some of the locals said “Have you stopped by Jo-Jo’s pretzels and Yoder’s Meat and Cheese Market?”  For now it’s time to be on the road again, but we’ll be sure to check these out on our next visit to Indiana!

One thought on “Cha-ching, Cha-ching $$$

  • I’ve been to both of those places in Sarasota but mostly Yoders. Every time I visited my cousin in Sarasota we would go to Yoders. First time was 25 or 30 years. Most of the time I would get the roast beef Manhattan. They also had a chocolate peanut butter banana cream pie that was delicious. Thanks for the update and pics. God bless!

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