Wondering why?…

If you are wondering why we are traveling this route and at such a pace? Well, most of you may or may not know that we are on a timeline to begin workamping on Monday, May 7th at Yellowstone Holiday RV Park located on Hebgen Lake, West Yellowstone, Montana. The reason for traveling this route has to do with the Spring weather and the potential for storms. We needed that update to our rig as we discussed in a previous blog entry traveling to Elkhart, IN. We went South from there to avoid a possible snowstorm. We are glad we did since Nebraska had blizzard conditions when we were heading to Oklahoma. We were figuring on coming into West Yellowstone from Southeast Idaho just West of the Grand Tetons. Yes, we just retired, but have decided to supplement our income and enjoy an area for a longer period of time by workamping in that area.  Where did we come up with such an idea?  Our very first encounter relating to workamping was at the Bryce Canyon Visitors Center.  A high-spirited lady in her 70’s who traveled in a fifth wheel with her companion was working at the information booth.  When asked what she pulled her fifth wheel with, she said “Well with a Big Ass Truck!”  She shared her experience of workamping at Yellowstone for 5 years and now at Bryce the last 3 years.  She was a wealth of information about the area and how she went about getting a workamping job.  We are looking forward to meeting our new workamping family and making new friends!  For those of you who may be interested in workamping or volunteering, here are some websites to get started.

Cool Works

Workamper News

Workamper Jobs

National Park Service-Volunteer

Government Volunteer

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