Pulled into ACT Campground located in Moab, Utah.  Again, the first item on the agenda was to gather information at the Arches National Park Visitor’s Center.  One thing for sure this community caters to people who love to bicycle and go off-road 4×4.  The beautifully paved bike trails go for miles and miles.  In the evening we took the opportunity to walk along the Colorado River at Lions Park Trail Hub.

The following morning, we took the drive through Arches National Park.  The beauty of the clear blue skies against the red rocks towering above as you drive through or hike just has us in awe of God’s magnificent creation.  Balanced Rock and Double Arch are a couple of our favorites.

Thursday we were off to Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah’s Grand Canyon, and views of the Colorado River.  State Parks can be hidden gems!  Legend has it, in the late 1800’s cowboys used Dead Horse Point to roundup wild horses.  Sheer cliffs and a narrow 30-foot-wide entrance they found that it was a perfect horse trap!  There are wonderful picnic and camping facilities!

Since we are checking off our National Parks list, Canyonlands was next.  It was a short drive from Moab and the scenery was breath taking.  We walked out to the Mesa Arch for a spectacular view of the canyon through the arch!


Moab, interesting name, several thoughts exist.  The name Moab is found many times in the Bible referring to a dry, mountainous area located on the eastern side of the Jordan River.  Others believe its origin is Paiute meaning mosquito.  Mosquitoes could be abundant around the Colorado River.  Whatever version, Moab is a lovely town with lots to see and do!

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