Babies, Birds and Blooms…

May has been a wonderful month in Yellowstone National Park and surrounding areas.  The earth is bursting with wonderful colors in birds, blooms and so much more! Spring ushers in the warmer weather giving us glimpses of babies and their mamas basking in the sun.  Enjoy these amazing colors and sweet caresses between babies and their mamas in this beautiful creation.

We have had the pleasure of viewing for hours many mamas and their babies.  It was the first time for us to see a badger in the wild.  Interesting facts about badgers:

  1. Notoriously fierce
  2. Live underground in a den also known as a set or sett
  3. Claws as strong as steel, able to move lots of dirt in a short time and can dig backwards with fangs forward when pursued by predator
  4. Have a third eyelid to protect from flying soil
  5. Badger babies are cubs

Another first were pictures of a female wolf belonging to the Junction Butte Pack nursing her pups over the den.  We saw four pups (little black splotches)  but were told two females had combined their den and were nursing a total of eight pups.  The female was light gray and the one male (not in pic) was dark gray.  The pictures were not the greatest quality as they were more than 800 yards away.

Yellowstone (711)

As always bear cubs and mamas always put on a delightful show!  The cubs are so full of energy and mischief!  Black bear and cub!

Grizzly bear and cubs!

Yellowstone (604)

Our final first for the weekend was spotting a pair of Golden Eagles.  Mama was sitting on the nest with no babies in sight as of yet, stay tuned!

And of course ending with the most babies of all baby bison “Red Dogs”!

Yellowstone (172)

We added several birds to our life list, but two of the prettiest were the Yellow Warbler and Lazuli Bunting.

The meadows and woods are just beautiful in the spring filled with wildflowers.  Many of these colorful flowers are important food in the spring for grizzly bears, mule deer, antelope and elk.

The lush green and clear blue sky of Lamar Valley is spectacular in the spring.  The tiny brown specks all over the second picture are bison!

The many colors of our world!




Yellowstone National Park

A few of our favorites from our first day in Yellowstone!

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”…Henry David Thoreau

King of the Road
Coyote’s next meal?
Yellowstone (15)
Gibbons Falls
Yellowstone (5)
Yellowstone (8)
Trumpeter Swans
Yellowstone (6)
Lamar Valley


Red Dog
Yellowstone (2)
Mammoth Hot Springs
What happens when you get to close to the thermals!
Yellowstone Falls
Artist Point

We have arrived…

It was a short 2-hour drive from Victor, Idaho to Yellowstone Holiday RV Park, West Yellowstone, Montana.  We met the managers and owner of the park, along with the three other workamping couples.  Monday is our first day of training and the park officially opens May 15th.  It is absolutely beautiful being on a lake, nothing like the sound of a loon!  Hebgen Lake is 15 miles long and 4 miles wide.  It is one of Montana’s premier fishing lakes.  Yellowstone Holiday RV Park is located 13 miles from the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  Check out their website Yellowstone Holiday RV Campground & Marina for more information on this little gem!

The Tetons are Grand…

What a great way to start the month of May!  Today we traveled up Teton Pass, which was closed the day before due to bad weather, elevation 8,432’ located at the southern end of the Teton Range connecting the towns of Victor, Idaho and Wilson, Wyoming.

IMG_6514First stop was the National Elk Refuge which was created in 1912 and is sanctuary for one of the largest elk herds on earth.  Not only did we see elk, we saw big horn sheep, pronghorn, coyote, ground squirrels, ducks, birds and bison!

Jackson Hole was our next stop and what a cool town!  The four arches in Jackson Town Square are elk antlers.  Tons of shops, restaurants and activities to be had!

Grand Teton National Park rates up there with one of our favorite parks.  The Tetons are magnificent!

The Tetons

The views of Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake were beautiful and we are anxious to stop back when the lakes are not frozen.

The highlight was seeing our first Grizzly Bear!  A young man from the Dept. of Fish and Game let us look through his spotting scope at a common loon.  In the meantime, we were scouring the area with binoculars and there it was, foraging in the field.  It took off running and began swimming across the swollen Snake River at Oxbow Bend.  We had so many firsts at this park, it was so exciting!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed our day!

This spud’s for you…

April 29th another travel day to Victor, Idaho.  It was amazing to see, what has to be, thousands of acres of beautifully groomed soil for the crop of Idaho, the potato!  Victor is a little town known as “The End of the Line”.  Back in the 1940’s it was the end of the line for passengers and shippers transiting Teton Pass into Jackson Hole and the southern entrance to Yellowstone.  A drive-in movie theatre called “ The Spud” was a blast from our past, with a potato theme!  The Teton Valley Resort is a fine resort, although upon our arrival they are under going some renovations which will be quite nice when completed.

IMG_6496 (1)
Teton Valley Resort

The next days weather was not what Floridians like to see!  It was a good day for running errands and picked up some supplies at a great little grocery store called Broulims.  Since it snowed much of the day it became one of those restful hang out in the RV days.

Snow Day

Tomorrow the Tetons!