The Tetons are Grand…

What a great way to start the month of May!  Today we traveled up Teton Pass, which was closed the day before due to bad weather, elevation 8,432’ located at the southern end of the Teton Range connecting the towns of Victor, Idaho and Wilson, Wyoming.

IMG_6514First stop was the National Elk Refuge which was created in 1912 and is sanctuary for one of the largest elk herds on earth.  Not only did we see elk, we saw big horn sheep, pronghorn, coyote, ground squirrels, ducks, birds and bison!

Jackson Hole was our next stop and what a cool town!  The four arches in Jackson Town Square are elk antlers.  Tons of shops, restaurants and activities to be had!

Grand Teton National Park rates up there with one of our favorite parks.  The Tetons are magnificent!

The Tetons

The views of Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake were beautiful and we are anxious to stop back when the lakes are not frozen.

The highlight was seeing our first Grizzly Bear!  A young man from the Dept. of Fish and Game let us look through his spotting scope at a common loon.  In the meantime, we were scouring the area with binoculars and there it was, foraging in the field.  It took off running and began swimming across the swollen Snake River at Oxbow Bend.  We had so many firsts at this park, it was so exciting!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed our day!

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