Big Sky…

Our closest Walmart and Costco are two hours away in Bozeman, MT.  We try to plan on doing our big shopping in this cute town about every three to four weeks.  About half way on our trip to Bozeman is a lovely town called Big Sky.  This weekend we decided to do some exploring in this beautiful area.  First stop was Ousel Falls Trail.  It was an easy hike on a well maintained trail to an absolutely gorgeous waterfall called Ousel Falls.  At one point, as we got closer to the falls there was a bend in the trail where you could feel the mist, smell the scent of pine and hear the roar of the water but the falls was not visible.  It was exhilarating to your senses! Here is a picture of this beautiful area which was followed by lunch at a great little cafe “Hungry Moose Market & Deli”.

Western Wooded P


Our second stop was The Soldiers Chapel.  The interdenominational chapel was built by Nelson Story III and his wife Velma in 1955.  It was built to commemorate his son who was killed in action in the South Pacific in 1944.  His son was a member of Montana’s 163rd Infantry.  The chapel serves as a memorial to his son and the 81 soldiers of the Montana Regiment who died in World War II as well the soldiers of the 163rd Infantry.


Upon entering, you are in awe of the view of the picture window with the cross.  The Lone Mountain at 11,000 feet and the beautiful big sky!

The stain glass window at the back of the church depicts a wounded soldier, in a lush tropical setting, reaching upward to the hand of God.


A beautiful chapel to preserve the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.


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