Earthquake Lake…

Yellowstone Holiday Resort is located along Highway 287 which is known as the Earthquake Lake Geologic Area.  Approximately 17 miles from YHR is the Earthquake Lake Visitors Center.  An informative movie in the Visitor Center explains the night of August 17, 1959, when a severe earthquake that measured 7.5 on the Richter scale  with the epicenter in the middle of Hebgen Lake.  It triggered a massive landslide sending 80 million tons of rock crashing into the canyon blocking the Madison River which formed Quake Lake.   Hebgen Lake is known as “The Lake that Tilted.”  The north side of the lake dropped 19’ submerging cabins along the shoreline.  Three sections of Highway 287 fell into the lake.  As a result 28 lives were lost.

Massive Land Slide
Madison River
Massive Land Slide
Quake Lake Spillway (4)
Landslide blocked the Madison River to create Quake Lake
Quake Lake

All along Highway 287 are various stopping points of information regarding that frightful night.  Refuge Point was a high area which was a haven for many survivors that night and the set up for first aid and helicopter evacuation.  The Ghost Village has the remains of many cabins that floated when the lake tilted that night.

We recommend a visit to this area of history.  Additional information at Earthquake Lake Visitor Center

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