Cody WY…

One of our goals is to experience all the entrances/exits of Yellowstone National Park.  This trip took us to the East Entrance through Sylvan Pass and spending sometime in Cody, Wyoming.  As always, the trip was fantastic.  We love traveling through the different passes!  Just outside the East entrance and right alongside the road, we were fortunate to watch a mama grizzly and her two older cubs digging for roots.  Their power never ceases to amaze us!

Waterfall along Sylvan Pass


A busy morning of shopping in the town of Cody, as we needed to get prepared for the Rodeo in the evening.  Of course, that meant cowboy/cowgirl hats and the purchase of our first Stetson!


We grabbed a bite to eat for lunch at Mojoes and headed to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum.  This place was awesome!  Five museums under one roof!  So much to see and so little time!  The five museums are Buffalo Bill, Draper Natural History, Whitney Western Art, Plains Indian, Cody Firearms.  We made it through three, the Natural History, Buffalo Bill and Plains Indians.  We loved the history of Buffalo Bill and the Plains Indians!  The picture of the guns from one of our favorite TV shows “Bonanza”!

IMG_7262IMG_7264IMG_7263 (1)


At 6:00 p.m. we headed to Irma’s Hotel for the gun fight! Buffalo Bill built the Irma Hotel in 1902 which he called “the sweetest hotel that ever was.”  The hotel was named after one of his daughters.  The mock gunfight in the street lasted about ½ hour.


After dinner we headed to the Stampede Rodeo.  It was our first rodeo!  We found ourselves hooping and a hollering watching the bronco riding, barrel racing, calf roping, steer riding and bull riding!  The cuteness for the evening was watching the five year old boy and girl barrel race!

Five year old boy!
Five year old girl!

Yee Haw, what a great evening!

Old Trail Town, historic western buildings dating from 1879-1901

Cody Rodeo (5)

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