Bear Tooth Pass…

Today was our trip to the North East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  We traveled over Dunraven Pass and then through Lamar Valley.  We couldn’t pass through Lamar Valley without checking on the Golden Eagle nest.  Upon arrival, one of the adult Golden Eagles came to feed the chick.

Golden Eagle - Slough Creek (9)

We stopped at Cooke City for lunch and continued towards the Bear Tooth Pass Highway 212.  On the way was this amazing waterfall, if you haven’t already figured it out we love waterfalls!  There were Forest Service signs regarding Bear Activity and the footprints we saw were a big sign!  We always carry bear spray when we are outside the RV Resort.  With a storm brewing and bear activity signs we had an uneasy feeling and decided not to linger to long.


The Bear Tooth Highway 212 was probably the most scenic highway we have traveled on.  It is a series of steep switchbacks as you ascend to a plateau.  The elevation is 10,947 feet.  It was interesting to be on the same level or sometimes looking down at the snow peaks and glacial snow.  The beauty is indescribable of the numerous alpine lakes of the Absaroka-Bear Tooth Wilderness area which borders much of the highway.  The pass is known for summertime snowstorms, violent thunderstorms and winds.

See the Bear Tooth in the background
Alpine Lakes
Bear Tooth Pass
Waterfalls on Bear Tooth Pass

We have been on the lookout for the yellow-bellied marmot since we have arrived in Montana and you need go no further than this pass, they were running everywhere! The highlight of the day was another first for us and sometimes a difficult animal to spot!  At first we thought it was a group of rocks which are common in the area. But with further looking in the binoculars sure enough Rocky Mountain goats, not just one but a herd!  They are magnificent animals!  We didn’t make it all the way to Red Lodge that still is on our list to do.

Rocky Mountain Goats
Rocky Mountain Goats
Yellow-bellied Marmot
Buffalo in Lamar Valley on the way home

One thought on “Bear Tooth Pass…

  • It is absolutely gorgeous. You are so blessed to be seeing this beautiful state, plus so much more. Praying for your traveling safety. With love from us both.

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