Cave Creek Canyon…

Arrived at Rusty’s RV Ranch late Wednesday June 5th.  We have certainly traveled some of the bumpiest roads recently with our RV and up until today one lamp globe has been the only casualty.  Late this afternoon we exited Interstate 10 onto Route 80 about 15 miles out to our destination of Rusty’s RV Ranch.  A lady flagged us down to inform us we had lost our spare tire from underneath our rig!  Route 80 is a straight two-lane road with very little places to easily turn a rig around.  We decided to continue on to Rusty’s, set up and return to search for our missing tire.  Surely if we had come here to do some birding, we could spot a tire!  Well, there were a lot of used tires discarded along the road and a tire place with hundreds of tires spewed around.  Many stops of looking at tires when finally, we spotted a tire with a rim on it, and it was ours!  Thankful to God that it didn’t happen on the Interstate and no one was injured.  It is now reinforced and will be added to the maintenance checklist.

Now for the reason we came to stay at Rusty’s in Rodeo, New Mexico.  A short drive to Portal, Arizona is Cave Creek Canyon, nestled in the Chiricahua Mountains, known as a birding mecca!  The possibility of seeing an Elegant Trogon, a variety of hummingbirds, and the ability of adding to our life list. All of these lure birdwatchers to this area.  Cave Creek Ranch along with some of the neighbor folk offer great viewing opportunities.

Rusty’s RV Ranch
Elegant Trogon Male
Elegant Trogon Male
Elegant Trogon Female
Hooded Oriole Male
Bullocks Oriole Male

Another stop was the Southwest Research Center, affiliated with the American Museum of Natural History.  They provide scientists, educators and students the opportunity to participate in research, workshops and classes on various fauna, floral, bird, reptiles, bats and more.  On their grounds are hummingbird feeders that attract some of the most beautiful hummers for photography.

Magnificent Hummingbird
Magnificent Hummingbird
Blue-throated Hummingbird
Magnificent Hummingbird
Broad-billed Hummingbird

One afternoon we decided to drive the narrow dirt road to the top of the Chiricahua Mountains at around 9,000 feet.  The views were spectacular!

Yellow-eyed Junco

We actually extended our stay an additional day and were fortunate to see our first greater roadrunner on the last day!  A great place to visit is the Chiricahua Desert Museum that has exhibits of the Chiricahua Apache Indians and Geronimo who surrendered 15 miles south at Skeleton Canyon.  There is only a handful of restaurants in the area and most close fairly early.  If you are into birdwatching, watching wildlife, hiking, relaxing and watching the fantastic sunsets, this place is for you!

One of very few places to eat, but very good!
Cute Minions
Sunset in Arizona

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