Sedona, AZ…

A beautiful driving day June 9th from Portal AZ to Distant Drums RV Resort, Camp Verde AZ.  The temperatures reached 106 degrees and the terrain was very diverse.

First sightseeing stop was Red Rock State Park.  Very nice visitor’s center and viewing area where you could see several rock formations, Cathedral Rock, Three Sisters, Seven Warriors and Napoleon’s Tomb.

A little driving tour through the town of Sedona to the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  It is a Roman Catholic Chapel nestled in the red rock formations of Sedona.  Designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a local resident who was inspired in 1932 by the construction of the Empire State Building.  The chapel was completed in 1956 and was built in Coconino National Forest.

The cross in the chapel was made to look like a tree, beginning with two trunks representing the 10 tribes of Israel and two tribes of Judah.  As you move up, the Israel trunk is dead, but “this dead limb of Israel that’s broken off becomes a crossbeam for the Tree of Life,” said Fr. Kleczewski.  On the limb is a single leaf sprouting, representing the Gentiles.  The Judah branch has 12 leaves representing the Apostles, and three golden apples at the top for the Holy Trinity.  The eyes of Christ are open to encounter Christ the face of great love.  The views along the walkway leading to the chapel are stunning.


You can’t help but wonder who lives below the chapel at 530 Chapel Lane.


Final stop was Montezuma Castle which gives you a peek of the Southern Sinagua who flourished in the Verde Valley.  They built this five story, 20-room dwelling sometime between 1100 and 1300.  No one really knows why they migrated away from their pueblos by the early 1400’s.  Early settlers were amazed at the structure and thought it’s origin was Aztec thereby calling it Montezuma Castle.

Much to see in Sedona, on a cooler day!

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