Our home base for the Redwoods National Park was at Mad River Rapids RV Park, Arcata, CA.  The Redwoods National Park and State Parks cover a vast area of the Northern Cost of California.  First stop, the Thomas Kuchel Visitor Center to gain knowledge of the area.  A walk behind the Visitor Center gave us our first, up close look at the Pacific Ocean.

The ranger did a fantastic job at detailing the highlights for the day.  Beginning at the Newton B. Drury Scenic Drive we were delighted to see the herd of ladies described by the ranger.  The Roosevelt Elk are the largest in body size subspecies of elk, but not in antler size.  Only one male was still hanging with the ladies!

Our first hike was Corkscrew Tree Trail to the Big Tree.  As we started down the trail we quickly realized why a portion of “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” was filmed not far away at Prairie Creek Redwoods state park on the fern canyon hike.  The lush flora, moss covered trees, humongous ferns and stately Redwoods were incredible.  We even scored another bird, the Wilson Warbler, on this hike!

Corkscrew Tree Trail (7)Corkscrew Tree Trail (5)Corkscrew Tree Trail (3)Corkscrew Tree Trail (2)Corkscrew Tree Trail (1)Redwood Trees (2)Redwood Trees (1)Big Tree (2)Big Tree (1)


Next a drive up the high rock bluff to Klamath River Overlook.  The scenery was beautiful even with the typical fog that rolls in along the coast.  The colors of the wildflowers are gorgeous this time of year!

Klamath Bluff Overlook 2

We ventured down to Klamath Beach which was suggested for harbor seals.  The beach is very different than Florida Beaches.  Rock formations along the shoreline and in the ocean, driftwood galore, cool mist coming off the ocean and our first spot of California Harbor Seals!  We find great enjoyment watching the antics of wildlife.  The seals were so much fun to watch as their little heads with big whiskers bob in the water and frolic in the current and belly crawl on land!  And another bird score, Black Oystercatcher!  We absolutely loved the Redwoods and this area!

California Harbor Seal

Seal on beach

Black Oystercatcher (2)
Black Oystercatcher

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