Volcano Results…

A great volcanic eruption over 7,000 years ago left a deep basin known as Crater Lake.  Rain and snow continue to fill the basin and on sunny days it can be a memorizing deep blue, shades of aqua and turquoise.  It is the deepest lake in the United States.  It is almost 2,000 feet at its deepest point.  In Crater Lake is a cinder cone known as Wizard Island.  At the top of Wizard Island is a crater 90’ deep and 470’ across.  The Rim drive is 33 miles around Crater Lake with many pull offs for dramatic views.

Crater Lake NP (5)Crater Lake NP (3)Crater Lake NP (4)Crater Lake NP (6)

Crater Lake NP (2)
Wizard Island
Crater Lake Lodge (2)
Crater Lake Lodge

Lunch was at a quaint cabin called Beckie’s Restaurant, known for their delicious pie.(Yoders in Sarasota is still the best!)  The little town of Prospect was just across the road from where we stayed at Crater Lake RV Park and two wonderful hikes to Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls.  Another score on birds the Red-breasted Sapsucker!


The Rogue River Gorge and Natural Bridge had quite interesting volcanic features.

The Natural Bridge is where the Rogue River disappears into a lava tube, taking 35 seconds to travel 200 feet to the tubes outlet.  The Rogue River flows through the lava tube behind the wall of rock, becoming a “hidden river.”

The Hidden River

The Rogue River emerges from a lava tube outlet after a short underground trip on its way to the Pacific Ocean.  At peak flow approximately 335,000 gallons of water rush from this outlet each minute at a speed of 6 feet per second.

Rogue River Gorge (4)

The Cave is a part of a well-defined lava tube.  The water flowing into it appears to circulate and then returns to the main channel indicating the lava tube has collapsed some distance beyond the opening.

Rogue River Gorge (6)
The Cave
Rogue River Gorge (5)
The Cave

This area is a great place to visit, so much to see and do!

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